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Image Everyone loves something. You can love yourself, love your country, love your neighbor, love your family, love your lover, or even love your enemy. Some love material things, others live to find their one spiritual life love, their soul mate. Love is the most precious emotion, and life's greatest gift. It's a complex maze of sensitive and insightful emotions that can elate, mystify and terrify, and everyone treasures it. Love brings completion to the events that shape our lives.

The highest form of love in a relationship is motherly love. A mother gives protection and care naturally with her love. As a result, most people will eventually feel love when they have been protected and cared for. They will protect their partner, and do anything possible to keep that person from feeling pain or being in danger.

If love is the answer to ultimate happiness, there are many questions that lovers ask of themselves, and each other:

Is there really love at first sight?

Many people will say that they fell in love the first time they laid eyes on their partner. Sometimes, it's the absolute truth. There are individuals who feel an electricity, attraction or chemistry as soon as they see the other person for the first time. While there have been countless cases of instant attraction, it's not love until you make it so. See to it that when you love and decide to have a relationship with a certain person, it is based on honesty and truthfulness. Looks can certainly be deceiving, so be sure that it doesn't just look right, but feels right too.

How do you know if love will last?

This can be a lot easier than you may think. The first and most important step is to assess your self. Find out where your relationship strengths and weaknesses are. Determine what you think you can offer, and what you will expect from your future partner.

Love may come to us at any age, but you need to be mature enough to handle a long and lasting relationship. If you just don't feel ready for a commitment, don't rush in to it. Remember that haste makes waste, so be yourself and wait until you're ready.

Can friends help me find love?

Absolutely! Your friends are always ready to support you, and willing to help you any time of the day. Good friends will be happy to help you find a better partner in life, and won't likely put you into situations that might lead to trouble. Your friends already know everything about you, including the type of partner that you've desired and dreamed about.

How do know if the feelings are real?

There are certain signs to look for in determining of your partner is serious about your relationship. Know the signs and you'll have a better means of assessing your situation, and you'll know if true love really exists in your relationship.

Love is a basic human need. People naturally want to find a true and lasting love, because it brings fulfillment and peace of mind. Everybody wants and dreamed to have a true love because it is where you can find the peace of mind that you have been waiting for a long time. Be patient and honest, and you will find that true love will find you.
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